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it’s amazing how one person can change your whole mood with just one comment.

i was feeling pretty shitty this morning because i overheard some guy make a crude comment about me while i was right in front of him. this happens to me all the time. this guy said something like “sweet ass” or whatever, and normally i wouldn’t mind. if it was someone i knew and was friendly with, i would have playfully slapped my butt, acted flattered, and said thanks or grabbed the other person’s ass. but this was someone i didn’t know at all, and it just made me feel uncomfortable, like my skin was crawling.

so i was feeling pretty gross and hating humanity for being so shallow and careless when this girl i’ve never really been friends struck up a conversation with me. she’s popular and was really nice to me and made a comment along the lines of “we miss you in class” (because i’m never in school). and my whole day was made.

i started giving those light feel-good compliments to people to spread the happy, and karma totally repaid me. this extremely hot guy asked me for my phone number because he wants to hang out, and this other guy asked me out.

the power of being positive is incredible! spread a little happy today.

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